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QA & Testing

PactolusEdutech applies a winning combination of QA expertise, industry experience and R&D investments for highly productive testing across technology platforms, architecture layers and development processes (agile, waterfall) and to cope with constant business change.

Testing departments face numerous challenges today:

  • 60-70% of testing across the test lifecycle is performed manually, offering no scalability
  • Defect slippages are not identified earlier in the test lifecycle and hence increase the total cost of quality
  • QA teams are unable to adapt to rapid or agile development approaches
  • There is a lack of agility in testing to meet demands for faster releases
  • There is a lack of clarity as to what is an optimal battery of test cases to assure quality with objective criteria
  • There are limited options available beyond leveraging offshore testing to reduce costs
  • QA departments are facing ever-increasing demand for performing validation across devices, mobile platforms, browsers and rich Internet app formats

Benefits of Choosing PactolusEdutech as your Quality Assurance partner

PactolusEdutech assists its Clients with an application specific testing approach to address these challenges by foremost, combining its domain experience in the Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services industries with relentless focus on automation across test life cycle, a strong metric-based testing methodology, test consulting expertise and innovation.

Organizations seeking to meet these challenges find in PactolusEdutech a partner with award winning customer focus, an unparalleled record of delivery and practitioners supported by a dedicated “Services R&D” team charged with delivering technology accelerators that help drive productivity and improve quality.

Our Quality Assurance & Testing Services

  • Application Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)
  • Specialized Testing
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